Types of cuts in the form of shoes

All kinds of shoe molds

One of the most important tools used in shoe manufacturing is shoe molding. The shoe mold is actually a replica of foot to produce different kinds of shoes. To produce shoes of different types for women, men or sports, house, boot needs the right shoes. Usually shoe molds are selected from materials such as wood, cast iron or polyethylene. The shoe material must have the strength required to withstand the pressure, humidity and chemicals and mechanical stresses of shaping and shaping.
In the shoe manufacturing process, the leather is coated onto the shoe mold. After gluing and sewing the shoes around and attaching the outsole, it is time to remove the mold from the shoe. To even remove the shoe mold from inside the manufactured shoe, various designs of shoe cutting were made. Below are some of the most commonly used types of shoe designs or shoe cutters.


 1- Simple Cut Shoe Mold :

This type of cut has its own applications in the production of sandals, boots, and womens shoes. As its name implies, this type of shoe has no shear. The following is an example of a simple shoe mold made in Iran Fateh.


قالب کفش ساده


2- Mold cutting shoes (c) :

As you can see in the figure below, in the design and design of this type of shoe mold, a cut like the English letter C is cut in this mold by a special machine. The two parts are interconnected by a spring, a screw and a screw.


قالب کفش برش C

3- Cutting Shoes mold Mold (v)

V-cut shoe mold is a type of shoe frame design in which a cut resembles an English letter V in the shape of a shoe by a cutting machine. Like C cutter, this type of cutter uses a vintner, spring and screw to connect two cut pieces.


4- Cutting shoe mold kholbory

In this type of shoe design, a curved cut on the shoe is fitted by the female cutting machine as shown below.

The purpose of a variety of shoe mold designs is to make the shoe easy to use and remove from the shoe.

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