Modeling of Iran Fateh shoe molding

Advanced Modeling in IranFateh

Iran Fateh Molding Company, with specialized and trained forces is ready to make your desired models from shoes cushions and even other molds and to produce series as soon as possible. Making the shoe molding model is a complex process that requires its own taste and taste. Because any form of mold making means wasting energy and time on the shoe maker. Therefore in producing a model shoe mold sample all information on the mold required should be provided to the modeler to avoid rework and wasting both parties time and energy.

Services Computer modeling

1- Changing the mold claw

2- Move the mold claw

3- Shoe Modeling

4- Lower the mold claw and vice versa

5- The mold is adjusted over the pvc and p.u cushions

6- The mold is set on the heel

7- Receiving computer files for shredding M.O.D - F.R.V - S.D.L - I.G.S