A Brief History and Biography of IranFateh Molding


Iran Fateh Industrial & Industrial Group is one of the largest and most equipped centers for designing and manufacturing all kinds of shoe molds with skilled engineering staff, suitable machine tools and modern molding equipment and utilizing the latest technology and software. The world has allowed mass production of high quality and optimum design, manufacturing and injection molding.

This industry group started in 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Ali Moafi Tehrani with the focus on designing and manufacturing of shoe molds and providing services to the shoe industry. In 2005, Iran registered the name of the conqueror. After gaining valuable experience in this industry in order to upgrade and upgrade industrial facilities and equipment in 2011, Italy, Turkey and China have purchased and commissioned accessories such as CNC machine, laser scan and so on. Iran Fateh Industrial & Industrial Group is proud to be the only CNC machine owner in Iran with 15 years of experience in the industry and the necessary skills in the above mentioned fields, always managed with the aim of full customer satisfaction and is currently one of the They are the most active manufacturers in this field.

Although having a model replica can digitally scan the model and standardize the model by using a replica of the model, it has not been limited enough to provide more dynamics and more valuable services. Customers are looking to expand their professional relationships with foreign designers and lightweight companies. At present, we work with many manufacturers, but our biggest goal in customer-oriented and value-creating is to provide molds with modern and evolving designs in the Iranian shoe industry.

Consortium partnerships with large foreign companies and powerful Iranian companies could be one of the paths for the countrys shoe industry to evolve. Some of these companies have experienced this type of collaboration, but unfortunately not many. Attending scientific and specialized events such as the National Conference on Top Management and the Ampex Exhibition and other related exhibitions at home and abroad can help shape the future of the footwear industry and perhaps mark the start of a new and widespread move from traditional manufacturing to Industrial production.

Among the customers of Iran Fateh, large and reputable companies such as RPM, Zilan , Afagh, Farzin, Adak, Payam, Dolphin, Rafik, Pie Iran, Aken, Caspian shoes, Shahin shoes, Beheshtian, Clare, Shima Shoes, Alborz shoes, Sis heels and many other reputable brands. There are many other reputable brands that working with these dignitaries has always been a source of hope and encouragement for the victorious Iranian staff.
Due to the vast facilities we have conquered in Iranfateh, we will no longer have to visit our compatriots in Turkey or Italy. Conqueror Iran seeks to increase the quality of its products and to satisfy domestic and neighboring customers. We will provide Iranian products with the best quality competing with foreign products especially by participating in International and International Exhibitions in Turkey especially Istanbul International Exhibition in Turkey.